Hello. Are you struggling with those over-whelming feelings right now, and could really do with someone to talk to? Someone who will listen to you without judgement? Let me reassure you that it is not weak to ask for help when you need it the most! It’s a brave step that you have taken. You don’t have to hold it all together alone or suffer in silence…

With the courage you are feeling right now, perhaps you are ready to get in touch with me? My name is Bonnie and I am here to help you with those troubling thoughts and feelings. I can reassure you that your worries are not silly. I can promise that:

  • You will always be listen to without judgement
  • You will not be told what to do but will be supported and encouraged
  • You will be given time and a safe space to work things out
  • You will get the support to manage those anxious feelings
  • I will be by your side and help you to see the true beauty within you, so that you can be kinder to you
  • I will not try to change you, but be there with you on your journey!

 The truth is, problem don’t go away by themselves or vanish overnight. There are no magic wands or quick fix. What I can promise is to help you face these worries and difficulties. You will not be alone on this journey. We can work together to face the difficulties and make sense of what is happening. Together we can build hope and find a way forward.

Life is for living. You deserve to feel happy. So please call, text or email me..